Fortnite containers with windows: where to search chests inside windowed shipping containers

There are seven of these to be found across Fortnite’s map, here’s where to find them all

fortnite containers with windows guide

Looking for Fortnite containers with windows to search chests in? Fortnite’s weekly challenges just get more and more complicated with each new season, but while this Spray and Pray challenge is a tad wordy, it’s actually surprisingly easy to find these spray painted shipping containers across the Fortnite island.

You may have noticed some of the countless metal shipping containers sporting some graffiti over the past couple of seasons. As with every seemingly minor tweak to the Fortnite map, this one has eventually wound up being a Fortnite challenge, and to tick this one off and earn a little more progress for your Battle Pass, you’ll need to search five chests inside containers with windows.

There is one slightly irritating element to this challenge, though, which is that you can never guarantee when a chest will spawn in a set location, meaning you might arrive at a few of the shipping container locations listed below and not find a chest to search. However, simply return to the same spot and you should find it – you should find life a little easier after the recent Fortnite Brute nerf.

Fortnite containers with windows locations

The first spot you’ll want to search is in the lava flow south of Pressure Plant – look around the boulders for a Fortnite container with a window painted on it and cross your fingers it has a chest inside. There are two chests near the lava flow to search so do be diligent.

Next you’ll want to very slightly southeast of the lava flow and you should spot two more shipping containers on a truck, but only one has a window and a chest.

The fourth container with window is located between Dusty Depot and the asteroid suspended in the sky – there’s a huge pile of shipping containers and the one you want is right at the top.

Container with window number five is located in a building directly beneath the comet on the map. For number six you need to change course and head to the unnamed factory area northwest of Lucky Landing – this Fortnite container with window is on a lorry buried in the snow. The last container is in a brick building to the south of number six.

containers with windows fortnite map

Check the map above for exact spots. We’ve got plenty more maps to help you with the Fortnite missions list, so if you still need help finding a junkyard crane, tracking down Fortnite lost spraycans, or locating graffiti-covered billboards.

Hopefully, luck is on your side and you’re able to do this without getting eliminated several times or more in the process. This challenge means you should be much closer to completing the Spray and Pray prestige challenges.