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Fortnite vehicles are getting yeeted into the stratosphere

Fortnite's vehicles are falling victim to the recently unvaulted crash pad, as season 3 of Epic's battle royale delivers some supremely entertaining spectacle

Fortnite vehicles are being yeeted by crash pads: a Fortnite vehicle launched in the battle royale by a crash pad

Fortnite vehicles are suddenly falling victim to the recently unvaulted crash pads, as players of Epic’s battle royale take destructive advantage of the new, bouncy, and highly volatile bouncy blocks.

Players, vehicles, and even some projectiles hitting a crash pad will be launched into the sky, but the pads also eliminate fall damage. That means you can jump on them with reckless abandon — for our money, the best kind of abandon — and, if you get enough crash pads in one place, produce some frankly stratospheric height and speed.

TheBestFiras posted a video on Reddit showing them placing twelve Crash Pads down before driving a car into the stack. Despite how physics should probably work, what happens is that the car is launched into the air at 472mph, and doesn’t slow down as it approaches the edge of the map. The car then crashes into the water with so much force that the camera gets all freaked out and confused, and in an understandable state of panic just jumps into first-person mode.

BXTwo2 did something similar with a trio. All three of them get in a bus and drive at some pads before being launched onto an island an incredible distance away. While we’re not 100% sure this is reliable enough to make it a competitive strategy, it definitely makes for some entertaining moments, and we’d love to see it become part of the meta.

In other Fortnite news, the voting system that Epic has been using for The Block actually has a fairly sizeable flaw that could be undermining democracy itself. That doesn’t stop Fortnite from featuring alongside many other great shooters on our list of the best battle royale games. But if you fancy something perhaps less run and gun, you could maybe try out something one of the best multiplayer games instead.