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Fortnite Crew September has an awesome playing card theme

Fortnite Crew September brings Loveless into the battle royale game with some card-themed flair for Chapter 3 Season 3 players to enjoy

Fortnite Crew September: A young woman holding a shotgun falls through the sky

Fortnite Crew September has been revealed, and while last month saw us getting Wolverine in Epic’sbattle royale, this time around we’re getting an original character in the form of Loveless. Despite sharing a name with a play from Final Fantasy VII, and a character from Happy Feet, this version of Loveless is actually a super cool playing card character.

Fortnite Crew is an interesting prospect because it’s a subscription for one of the best free PC games, and, along with a bevvy of cool cosmetics, it also grants access to V-bucks and the battle pass, or even more V-bucks if you already have the battle pass for that season. You can also time it so that if you buy it partway through a month, you get two packs for the price of one, which is nice.

Fortnite Crew September. This image shows off all of the items that Loveless comes with, all of which are playing card-themed.

Loveless is an incredibly cool character dressed in white with four different masks to choose from. Aside from using a giant stylus as a pickaxe, she also brings with her two different back Blings, a wrap that changes suit every time you kill someone, and some lobby music as well. If you decide to subscribe now you’ll also be able to get the August pack as well, with the aforementioned Wolverine theme.

These Fortnite Crew skins have been incredibly cool in the last few months and could easily be rated amongst the best Fortnite skins, and if you’re someone who’s not as keen on the Dragon Ball crossover skins, for some weird reason, then these could well be your new favourite way to pick up new cosmetics for a fairly reasonable price.

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t cost money, then good news, our Fortnite tips and tricks at no cost whatsoever. See, sometimes the best things in life are free.