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Fortnite Crew vampire hunter stakes a claim in the battle royale game

The Fortnite Crew pack for December brings a butt-kicking vampire hunter into the battle royale game from Epic ahead of the Fortnite chapter 4 release date

Fortnite Crew pack brings a vampire hunter to the battle royale. This image shows Joni the Red with a sword.

The Fortnite Crew pack for December brings in a brand-new vampire hunter to Epic’s battle royale game. The subscription offers up an array of different bonuses, and this one also comes just ahead of the Fortnite chapter 4 season 1 release date.

Fortnite Crew subscribers who don’t have the battle pass will get it for free, and those that already have it will get 950 V-Bucks instead. On top of that, every subscriber also get 1,000 V-bucks a month, and an array of new cosmetic items too. Additionally subscribers occasionally get other bonuses like permanent access to Save the World, the PvE mode in Fortnite, or this cool new Fortnite pickaxe that gets more customizable the longer you’re subscribed.

Each month the pack brings in a new character and some items, and Fortnite Crew December has us meeting Joni the Red. Joni the Red is a part of the vampire-hunting group known as the High Stakes Club, and along with the ability to toggle her mask, glasses, and hairpins on or off, you’ll also get the Hunter’s Holdall Back Bling, The Scarlet Oath Pickaxe which glows redder the more you hit weak points, and a new loading screen too.

Fortnite Crew pack brings a vampire hunter to the battle royale. This image shows the special loading screen for Fortnite Crew December.

Fortnite Crew December is throwing in a few other extra too, though we don’t know what they are yet. There are no hard and fast details on what those extra will entail, although we will apparently be getting a new style for Joni the Red. There will also be another member of The High Stakes Club coming soon too, though it’s possible they’ll just hit the item shop instead of being given away as part of this month’s Fortnite Crew pack.

As we’re rapidly approaching the end of Fortnite chapter 3, you should make sure you grind hard to complete any outstanding things like the Fortnite Herald quests and any weekly quests or event quests you want the rewards from.