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Where to find the crystal trees in Fortnite

Find out where the crystal trees locations are so you can get there first and destroy them

A crystal tree near the Zero Point in Fortnite. It's by some hay.

It’s week 13 of the current Fortnite season and as we come to the close of this current wave of challenges, the focus seems to be shifting back to the big hole in the centre of the map. The Zero Point has been a constant presence, but there are now crystal trees springing up around the area. One of this week’s challenges is to destroy five of those crystal trees.

To find them, you need to head to the west of Colossal Coliseum. It’s where the desert meets the water at the northern bit of the map. Here, you’ll find some crystal trees have sprouted from the ground, close to the Zero Point in the centre of the map.

Finding the crystal trees is easy once you know their location, but we’ll go one further than that. We’ll tell you exactly how much health that they have, as well as give you some pointers on the questions you might have, like ‘Do they respawn’ or ‘Do I need to erase all five crystal trees in one game’.

Here is the location for the crystal trees in Fortnite:

The crystal tree location is circled on the Fortnite map.

These trees come in clumps around various chests in this area. They each have around 200-300 health and sadly don’t yield any of the crystals that the massive shards do when breaking them with a weapon or pickaxe. That said, the crystal trees do have some unique properties that you should be made aware of:

  • Anyone can destroy them, but there are plenty of them out there
  • They don’t respawn once destroyed, so make sure you get there quick
  • You don’t have to destroy five in one game

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