How to unlock the cube cruiser glider in Fortnite

Complete Dark Jonesy’s ‘The Oracle Speaks’ punchard quests and unlock this cube-themed glider

The unlockable cube cruiser glider in Fortnite's Fortnitemares 2021 event

Want to know how to unlock the cube cruiser glider in Fortnite? The Halloween season in Fortnite has finally begun as Fortnitemares 2021 kicks off with a bang. The cube cruiser glider is free for all players: all you have to do is complete Dark Jonesy’s quests to add this precious item to your inventory.

Dark Jonesy needs your help – he’s beginning to see visions of the future, but they aren’t as clear as they should be. By completing the oracle quest line, Dark Jonesy will be able to tell us something important about the cube invasion. Fortnitemares 2021 has also introduced new punchcard quests for Ariana Grande and a Ghostbuster – completing all of their challenges rewards players with unique items.

Fortnitemares 2021 won’t be around forever – players have until November 2 to obtain the cube cruiser, an all-weather extractor pickaxe, and a No Ghost backbling. These quests can be difficult to complete while players flock to Dark Jonesy, so it’s worth playing with a friend to give you a helping hand. Here’s everything you need to unlock the cube cruiser glider in Fortnite.


You can find Dark Jonesy in Steamy Stacks inside the partially destroyed building. Dark Jonesy now has two sets of Fortnite punchcard quests to complete, so make sure you pick the oracle quest line when you approach him.

Collect scrolls at different IO bases

The fastest way to complete the first challenge is to head to the IO base south of Steamy Stacks. Once you start the quest chain, head to the roof of the tallest building in Steamy Stacks to find bubbling purple liquid. Jump into the liquid and deploy your glider when the liquid pushes you into the air.

Fly directly towards the IO base and enter the door next to the black car. Search between large stacked cases inside the building to find a scroll. Once you’ve collected the scroll, head back to the black car you spotted earlier and drive to the IO base located east of The Convergence. You should be able to find another scroll in a similar location to the first IO base. It’s important to note that you don’t need to visit these specific locations; you can visit any IO base on the map.

Use a Shadow Stone, then recover the Spirit Vessel

Head to the corrupted area south east of Holly Hedges and search for a consumable cube to transform yourself into a spirit. You need to find a Spirit Vessel while in this form – these vessels are typically found in front of large trees. Recover the Spirit Vessel next to a tree to complete the quest.

Touch a cube

The fastest way to complete this challenge is to land on The Convergence as soon as you spawn in. Touch any platform in this area to complete the challenge.

Destroy the corruption cluster and all corruption fragments

Corruption clusters are areas just outside corrupted zones which feature purple fragments that respawn after you hit them. You should be able to find a corruption cluster south of The Convergence – attack the purple fragments with your pickaxe in quick succession. You may have to do this multiple times to complete the challenge.

Return the Spirit Vessel to the Oracle and hear his vision

Remember that Spirit Vessel you picked up in the second challenge? All you need to do is talk to Dark Jonesy and give him the item. You don’t have to complete the challenges in the same match, your character always has the Spirit Vessel on hand once you complete the second challenge.

That’s all you need to do to unlock the cube cruiser glider in Fortnite. Not only did you just unlock an awesome glider, there’s a good chance you earned enough experience to level up your battle pass. Head over to our Fortnite skins guide to see what skins are available on each tier of the battle pass.