Fortnite becomes Dark Souls in cleverly edited video

There's a boss fight and everything

Fortnite and Dark Souls have been fused together in an impressive YouTube video.

Made by YouTuber Laffengas, the clip starts with the main menu for the ‘Dark Souls: Prepare To Build’ edition before going into a file select screen that features Laffengas’ character and several others, including John Wick. Then we see a Chug Jug-themed Dark Souls loading screen before opening into Fortnite’s Tilted Town – except with Dark Souls’ UI and music. Laffengas lights a bonfire and starts looking around as the solemn strings play.

As he explores, he summons Fishstick the phantom, and the pair wave at one another. Fishstick is picked off by a sniper in a cinematic, but then a mech, Timmy the B.R.U.T.E., comes onto the scene and Laffengas is forced to work with the one who just killed his friend. The way the Dark Souls music, camera angle, and tone is spliced with the Fortnite gameplay is consistently impressive. The pacing and structure is exactly to the cadence of a Dark Souls set-piece. As an editor, Laffengas has some obvious skills.

The following boss encounter is equally strong, having our protagonist on the backfoot as he deals with this imposing robot bearing down on him. Victory is achieved, though, and if there is one critique it’s that the battle doesn’t last nearly as long as the From Software equivalent.

What is very From Software, and very Fortnite, is the swift death afterward as Laffengas is squished by a port-a-loo from above.

Sometimes you just can’t catch a break.