Fortnite: deliver fish to Shadow or Ghost locations for the final Meowscles challenge

Here's how to complete the final challenge for the fit feline

Looking for a map of where to deliver fish in Fortnite? By now you’ve worked your way through the muscular man-cat monstrosity’s challenges and now you’ve got to the final challenge. For this one you’ll need to deliver fish to either Shadow or Ghost, so what does that mean?

Well, the first part is easy, you’ll need to catch fish using a fishing rod. So, how many fish do you need to deliver? You’ll need ten fish in total to please the fishy folks at the agency of your choice. The best place to catch fish quickly is off the pier at Sweaty Sands, but expect it to be bustling with other challenge goers and come prepared with a weapon that isn’t a fishing rod. You should find smaller fish at Sweaty Sands and plenty of them, if other fishers are willing to share, of course.

The second part of the challenge requires you to drop your catch of the day off at Shadow or Ghost locations, so if you need a map of where to post your little kippers, here are the Shadow and Ghost fish delivery locations. You’ll need to post the fish through the mailboxes at these locations to complete the last Meowscles challenge.


The Ghost mailbox can be found to the right of Sweaty Sands, next to the carpark and large red truck.



The Shadow mailbox can be found to the left of Sweaty Sands, just by the skatepark.


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