Fortnite race tracks: where to complete a lap of a desert, snowy, grasslands race track

If you’re looking to shave tenths of a second of your personal best, here’s where to visit to complete a few laps

Where are the desert, snowy, grassland race tracks in Fortnite? This challenge is for the speed freaks among you challenge fiends, as you need to blast your way through Epic’s battle royale game in a few different spots on the map. Some of Fortnite’s race tracks are more obvious in their location than others, but we’re here to show you where each of them are, regardless.

This week 5 challenge is a staged one consisting of three different parts, and you need to tackle them in the following order for each quest objective to pop. So, first you need to complete a lap of a Fortnite desert race track, then a Fortnite snowy race track, and then a grasslands ones.

If you’re in this more for the Battle Stars than the whooshing wind through your hair and the roar of the paint, you only need to finish a lap successfully; you don’t need to do so in a specific time limit. Remember that age-old saying: slow and steady wins the race – unless you die, that is. Anyway, let’s get to the meat of the matter: here’s where to complete a lap in a Fortnite desert, snowy, grasslands race track.

1. Fortnite desert race track location

Now, we’re going to reach a bit here and assume you know where the desert race track in Fortnite is. Nevertheless, we’re going to show you. First things first, head over to the desert biome in the map’s southeastern corner. This track is to the north of this arid area, northeast of the main settlement of Paradise Palms.

However, finding the race venue is one thing, but you’re going to need a vehicle with which to zoom through it. For that, the best place is the garage to the east of the track on the coast, and the larger one to the northwest. The latter, helpfully, is closer to the start line. On the map below you can also get a visual on where each starting line can be found, the numbered markers corresponding with the order of the races you need to tackle.

2. Fortnite snowy race track location

Things start to get a bit more challenging from here if you don’t know every inch of the map by heart. The snowy race track in Fortnite isn’t as obvious as the desert one on the map, either. Anyway, it can be found between Happy Hamlet and Polar Peak, which itself is located in the ice biome in the southwestern corner of the arena.

There’s a bit of a twist when it comes to this race: you’ll be using The Baller vehicle to get through every blue ring, and you’ll need to use the in-built Grappler to reach ones that are above the ground. You should find the spherical vehicles lines up on the starting line.

3. Fortnite grasslands race track location

The third and final track is found in the verdant plains of the map’s northwestern corner. Basically, the grasslands race track in Fortnite is located between Junk Junction and The Block. Like the frosty one, the vehicles are ready for you on the start line, but you will be riding a Driftboard this time. You have no hanging checkpoints to worry about, so completing a lap here is nice and easy.

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And there you are, that’s where to find the Fortnite desert, snowy, grasslands race track. That’s not all there is to do when it comes to your week 5 challenges, however, so take a look at the best way to visit different Fortnite Wind Turbines in a single match. If you think about it, you’ve got quite a lot of carbon emissions from your racing that you need to put right.