Where to find Fortnite dirt bikes

It’s time to go off-road with one of the Fortnite dirt bikes and see just how much protection they offer compared to a car and if you should drive them

Fortnite dirt bikes - Chun-Li is riding a dirt bike with no hands on a dirt track.

Want to drive Fortnite dirt bikes across the island? Introduced during Chapter 4 Season 1, they have great traction, allowing you to speed up hills and use them as ramps to pull off sick tricks. The points don’t matter a great deal, but at least you can easily travel around off-road, and no matter the road surface, you can reach similar top speeds.

In the battle royale game, you can find Fortnite dirt bikes in many places, though we recommend searching towns, gas stations, and parking spaces on the side of roads on the Fortnite map are the best places to look. The dirt bikes also have the distinct advantage of allowing you to shoot and drive simultaneously, something previously only doable while riding Fortnite animals.

However, if you are looking for specific spots where you can always find a dirt bike, the bad news is that there are no set locations for dirt bikes. They will appear anywhere a car can spawn, so it’s unlikely that you’ll see one in any place twice. They only have 550 health by default, far less than the cars, and they also offer virtually no protection. Unless you’re going for a challenge to get more experience to afford, say, the Fortnite Doom Slayer skin, you’re better off driving a car.

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Fortnite dirt bikes are just one of the new things that appear in Chapter 4 Season 1. Not only are there brand new Fortnite weapons, including some exclusively found in Fortnite Oathbound chests, but you can also take advantage of the new Fortnite augments mechanic to give yourself boosts. One of them ensures vehicles never run out of fuel and improves their armour, so is worth taking if you’re riding a dirt bike.