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Fortnite: where is Tony Stark’s hidden lake house laboratory?

Here's how to locate and complete week 7's Fortnite challenge

Iron Man floating towards enemies in Fortnite

Where is Tony Stark’s hidden lake house laboratory? We’re getting nostalgic in this week’s Fortnite challenge, as we visit Tony Stark’s lake house retreat, complete with a laboratory, small wooden walkway, and views of the lake. It also continues the Marvel-themed season, as last week saw us wrap up the Wolverine challenges and defeat this Fortnite boss to get the long-awaited skin.

If you think heading to Stark Industries is your best bet, you’re severely mistaken, although Iron Man can be found wandering around the area with his army of partolbots, you actually need to head to somewhere a lot more tranquil to complete this challenge.

The hidden lake house retreat is a small spot on the map, and unlike other challenges, there’s not any immediate clues as to where it could be when you drop. It is, however, a good spot for loot, although we imagine it’s quite congested at the moment, with other players checking off another challenge this week. So, here’s how to find Tony Stark’s hidden lake house laboratory.

Where is Tony Stark’s hidden lake house laboratory?

You need to head to the lake between Stark Industries and Steamy Stacks. The lake house is found nestled just east of the lake. You need to destroy a large overgrown bush just south of the house, to reveal a secret underground lab. After chopping down a couple of wooden structures and breaking through a metal door, you can enter the lab, where there’s a bunch of goodies to loot and some nostalgic items to gaze upon – including Iron Man’s suit and a white board with some scribbled plans, which could potentially develop into other future challenges? Who knows!