Fortnite Doctor Who collaboration could be on the way

A Fortnite Doctor Who collaboration is on its way to the battle royale game according to leakers, and it could be coming in chapter 3 season 4

Fortnite Doctor Who collaboration could be coming. This image shows Doctor Who in front of a space background.

A Fortnite Doctor Who collaboration is apparently heading to the battle royale game soon, and it could be a big one given the language used in the leaks. While leaks in other games aren’t always reliable, Fortnite has a long history of reliable ones, so they’re worth paying attention to.

Chapter 3 season 4 has already had a couple of little crossovers anyway with both X-23 and the new Iron Man skins. Fortnite’s also a game that’s known for its mind-bending blending of different pop-culture hits, and we know for a fact that 100% of the people that saw Venom doing a Kamehameha to kill Darth Vader enjoyed it, so it’s not surprising to see another one potentially on the horizon.

What we don’t know, at least yet, is the extent of this Doctor Who crossover. While it could well be written off as just a handful of skins, the fact that it’s listed as a collaboration in the ShiinaBR tweet suggests to us that it could be a bit more sizeable.

The dear old Doctor would be a good fit given the constant time travel and world-warping phenomenon in Fortnite too, so we’re hoping for something a bit meatier than just getting to use a Sonic Screwdriver to open up a fake police box. Maybe we could even see something like Cybermen coming in to try and take control of the Chrome as it spreads across the island.

One thing we do know for sure though, is that the Fortnite Grapple Glove is a great way to try and avoid the corrupting influence of Chrome. If you use them correctly, you can almost entirely avoid the ground on the new Fortnite map, and that’s undeniably cool, almost like swinging around the island as Spider-Man.