Doom could be coming to Fortnite

A Fortnite Doom Slayer skin could be on the way, meaning that yes - Doom will soon be playable in Fortnite, too.

A Fortnite Doom Slayer skin is rumoured to be on the way

A possible Fortnite Doom crossover has been rumoured, suggesting that a Doom Slayer skin could soon join the armoured likes of Boba Fett and Master Chief in Epic’s battle royale – and other Bethesda/Microsoft properties could follow, too.

Fortnite is well known for its frequent collaborations with many wild gaming and non-gaming properties at this point, but out of the three major console platform holders Microsoft is proving the most amenable to crossovers – Halo’s Master Chief has been in the game for a while and Gears of War was the first gaming crossover of Chapter 3 earlier this month.

Now, according to journalists Nick and Jeff Grubb on the XboxEra podcast, more “Microsoft/Bethesda characters” are coming to Fortnite. While Nick “doesn’t want to spoil” all of them, the one series he does confirm as coming is Doom. “The Doom Slayer will be coming to Fortnite,” Nick says but is unable to confirm a specific release date for the skin due to the IP specifics needing to be worked out.

“There’s always licensing deals to be worked out with Fortnite,” Nick confirms, pointing to how long Naruto was rumoured for the game before it finally appeared last November. As for the rest, he says there will be “probably a handful or so of Microsoft and Bethesda’s characters coming to Fortnite” but would only reveal the Doom Slayer at this point. Head to around the 57 minute mark on the XboxEra podcast below to hear the rumour.

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So yes, along with Twittera pregnancy test, and this news post, it’s very possible that Doom will soon be playable in Fortnite.