Fortnite Downtown Drop challenges leaked: how to get the sweaty skateboard back bling

Thinking of giving the Michael Jordan crossover LTM a spin? Here are the challenges and rewards you can expect

What are the Fortnite Downtown Drop challenges? A brand new LTM has landed in Epic’s seminal battle royale game, and we’ve got some challenges to help us explore every inch of this new world. Oh, and there is a lovely new selection of cosmetics for us to bag, too.

So, when it comes to the crux of the Fortnite Downtown Drop challenges, this new mode is a Fortnite Michael Jordan crossover that sees you blasting down through city streets in a rapid race to the finish. Instead of leaving your rivals in freshly-exploded dust with guns and grenades to be the last player standing, you’ll be doing that by rushing past them while collecting coins and dodging obstacles, instead.

And, naturally, you have some tricky optional objectives to complete to keep things fresh; winning again and again the traditional way just gets tiresome after a while. With each one completed you get a new skateboard cosmetic or spray, the Back Board Back Bling as a bonus for the first, and the Sweaty Back Board for completing all 13. So, here are the leaked Fortnite Downtown Drop challenges in full.

All Fortnite Downtown Drop challenges list

Some of the quests are live in the game already, and you can expect full guides for the toughest ones. However, the rest of them are locked, and we have access to the full list thanks to leaker @FireMonkeyFN. So, let’s get to it, here are the leaked Fortnite Downtown Drop challenges and their rewards in full below.

So they’re not too bad, right? Some of the speed-based tasks require a bit of practice but most of the others just need you to reach a specific spot in this new LTM. The Fortnite Downtown Drop challenges go live in batches of two, so they shouldn’t take too long to tick off before you can return to straight racing, or grabbing some more Victory Royales.

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And hey presto, those are the Fortnite Downtown Drop challenges you can expect to be tackling over the coming days. You’ve still got your normal objectives to tackle, of course, so keep up with those by visiting a Fortnite oversized phone, big piano, and giant dancing fish trophy. Now, although you might be nursing scraped knees and bruised egos after a hard day’s racing, those kickass new boards make it all worth it.