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How to collect treasure using Drake’s map in Fortnite

Learn where to find Drake’s map in Fortnite and how to use it to seek out some highly coveted legendary loot to complete the season challenge

The player is carrying Drake's map in Fortnite and is running towards the treasure.

Want to know how to collect treasure using Drake’s map in Fortnite? As part of a recent update to the popular battle royale game to celebrate the release of the Uncharted film, you can now find maps in chests that lead to valuable booty. This isn’t a new mechanic, but the last time we saw the treasure map was at the beginning of Chapter 2 in 2019.

In addition to visiting Adrift or Pawntoon in a motorboat, there are plenty of other season challenges you should finish sooner rather than later as Chapter 3 Season 2 is just around the corner. For example, you can duel specific Fortnite NPCs or drive a Quadcrasher to Pinnacle Peak and here’s where to find Spider-Man’s bouncers in Fortnite.

For this pirate-themed challenge, if you need a reminder on using the treasure map, you can find the steps to find the buried chest below. Even after completing this challenge, it’s worth taking a map when you find one if you have a slot spare. Opening the bonanza of goodies the map leads to will give you at least two legendary tier weapons and some recovery items to complete your loadout.

Here are the steps to collect treasure using Drake’s map in Fortnite:

  • Find Drake’s map by looting chests or scavenging from eliminated enemy players
  • Equip the map and follow the red line that appears until you find an X mark on the ground
  • Use the harvesting tool at the centre of the X to dig up the buried treasure

Once you open the treasure chest you’ve dug up with your harvesting tool, you will complete this Fortnite challenge. You don’t have long until the end of the season, so make sure you’ve finished the Fortnite Foundation skin challenges to get the Rock as a Fortnite skin. You can also find out how to get free Fortnite V-bucks so you can save up for the upcoming skins for the next season.