Fortnite: enter Catty Corner vault location

Here's where to find the Catty Corner vault and solve Fortnite's latest challenge


Looking for how to enter Catty Corner vault? Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is here, with the map flooded and new secrets to find. Of course, a big draw of a new season is a new battle pass that includes tiers of cosmetics.

The easiest way to level up that battle pass is to complete some of the game’s weekly challenges, but one might be giving you a bit of a headache. That challenge is enter Catty Corner vault, which requires you to seek out this mysterious location.

As you’d imagine, this is easier to do without other players trying to fill you with bullet holes, so it might be worth holding fire if you see others heading that way. To kick things off, head towards Catty Corner on the map when you leave the battle bus. It’s to the southeast of Lazy Lake. Once you arrive you’ll be greeted by multiple AI controller henchmen, as well as Kit, a boss of sorts. You’ll want to eliminate them all, and in doing so Kit will drop a Catty Corner keycard.

Fortnite Catty Corner Vault location

Once you have the keycard, look for the vault on the west side of the complex and use the terminal to open it. Be warned that there are quite a few henchmen, so you’ll want to keep checking all angles to ensure you aren’t eliminated before you can get inside.

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Once you do make it inside, you’ll find plenty of high level loot in the chests and weapon cases, but most importantly you’ll also earn yourself a huge 35,000 XP towards your battle pass. For more of this week’s Fortnite guides, check out where to find the gnomes in Homely Hills, as well as how to drive cars in Fortnite and the Fortnite Aquaman skin challenges guide.