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How to visit Farmer Steel’s favorite places in Fortnite

Track down the missing farmer by visiting some of his regular haunts

The Pizza Restaurant in Fortnite, one of Farmer Steel's favourite places

Looking for Farmer Steel’s favourite places? The Fortnite Season 7 Week 4 Legendary challenges are live, and this week’s tasks are all about tracking down Farmer Steel – a Fortnite NPC who’s gone missing. He’s disappeared from his usual post at Steel Farm, where he can usually be found keeping a watchful eye on his corn – incidentally, there have been a few Fortnite aliens flying around recently, so we suspect they might have something to do with it.

These aliens have left Fortnite alien artifacts scattered around the place; pick these up if you want to customise your Fortnite Kymera skin by purchasing various alien features. Alien parasites are also attaching themselves to any poor Fortnite animals unfortunate enough to find them. If you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of your health, you can get a parasite of your very own. Lovely.

After searching the farm for clues in Fortnite, the next step is to look for Farmer Steel at some of his favourite places. As a man of excellent taste, he is – of course – a patron of a fine dining restaurant, among other locations, so it’s time to follow in his footsteps and hopefully find more information about what happened to him.

Farmer Steel's favourite places in Fortnite marked on a map

Farmer Steel’s favorite places

Here’s where to find Farmer Steel’s favourite places in Fortnite:

  • Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit, north of Corny Complex
  • In the shack by the pond southwest of Dirty Docks
  • By the house next to the pond south of Believer Beach

That’s how to find Farmer Steel’s favourite places – all you need to do is step foot inside each of them to complete the challenge. After this, the next step is to place missing person signs in Fortnite in particular locations. You must also find the Fortnite doomsday preppers guide to complete this week’s challenges and level up your Battle Pass.