Ferrari 296 GTB locations in Fortnite – complete Ferrari 296 GTB time trials

Take a speedy Ferrari for a spin to complete this week's challenges

A red Ferrari 296 GTB driving down a road in Fortnite

For this week’s epic challenges, you need to hit the road in Fortnite’s fastest ride – the Ferrari 296 GTB. There are three challenges this week that tie into using the Ferrari 296 GTB: reach top speed in a Ferrari 296 GTB, drive a Ferrari 296 GTB through the storm, and complete Ferrari 296 GTB time trials.

In order to complete the three Ferrari challenges, you first need to locate the cars, which can be found dotted around the Fortnite map in garages. They’re not guaranteed to appear in every garage, so you’ll probably need to search several until you find one.

Once you have a Ferrari 296 GTB, you simply need to head into the storm to complete the storm challenge. For the top speed challenge, find a straight bit of road – then hit the pedal to the metal and earn yourself the top speed, which is usually around 88. Luckily, you can retake the time trial challenge if you fail it, and you only need to complete it once successfully in order to tick off this week’s challenge. Here’s a map of where to find the Ferrari 296 GTB time trials in Fortnite.

Fortnite Ferrari 296 GTB time trials locations

The Fortnite Ferrari 296 GTB time trial locations are:

  • East of Lazy Lake – there’s an arrow with a stopwatch symbol next to an ‘A LOT O’ AUTO’ sign on the side of the building on the left.
  • North of Slurpy Swamp – next to the garage
  • West of Weeping Woods – next to the Durrr Burger

A map showing the Ferrari time trial locations in Fortnite

Other challenges include defeating Riot, one of the Fortnite NPCs roaming the map, as well as Fortnite’s legendary challenges, all connected to the alien-themed season – construct a wooden hatchery, mark an alien egg, collect records, and collect parenting books.