Fortnite: find balls of yarn at Catty Corner

Where are the balls of yarn at Catty Corner? Here's a rundown of Season 3, Week 7's Fortnite challenge


Where are the three balls of yarn at Catty Corner? As part of the Season 3 Week 7 challenges, you’ll need to head to Catty Corner, home to Kit, one of the new Fortnite bosses.

Kit the robotic cat can be found in the new location southeast of the map. He’s surrounded by henchmen, making this a popular hotspot for people to land, especially as Kit drops a number of valuable items including the key to the nearby vault and the Fortnite mythic weapons: the Charge Shotgun and the Shockwave launcher.

You could disguise yourself in a phone booth to find the yarn at Catty Corner, that way you’ll go undetected by the patrolling henchmen. Remember, Catty Corner is a popular location for Fortnite goers, especially when the weekly challenges drop, so make sure to kit yourself out with weapons and gear before taking it on. So, here’s where you can find the three balls of yarn at Catty Corner in Fortnite.

Find balls of yarn at Catty Corner

The three balls of yarn can be found at:

  • In the container above the vault
  • On the ground behind the petrol station by the Meowscles graffiti
  • On the top floor of the petrol station

That’s it for this week’s Fortnite challenges, but if you’re a little behind check out our guide on how to get the Fortnite Aquaman skin, as well as all the best skins in Fortnite.