Fortnite flaming hoops locations: where to launch through flaming hoops with a cannon

Looking for the cannon and the flaming hoops through which to launch yourself? Here’s how to complete this week ten challenge

Fortnite flaming hoops cannon locations

Where are the Fortnite flaming hoops? Even more pertinently, where are the Fortnite cannons with which you can launch yourself through these levitating rings of fiery death? These, admittedly, aren’t the kinds of questions we get everyday here at PCGN, but we’re going to endeavour to help you out anyway in this batch of week ten challenges for season 8.

Season 8 is drawing to a close, which means the Fortnite season 9 release date is on its way soon – although it could be delayed since there are some leaked Fortnite Overtime challenges for season 8 – so you’re going to want to make sure you’ve polished off as many of your weekly challenges that you can. But, first, you need to launch yourself through three flaming hoops with a cannon in Fortnite.

Just in case you’ve never performed this rather dangerous act in the past, cannons are typically found in Fortnite Pirate Camps, hotbeds of booty-looting goodness dotted across the map. However, when you happen across one and your nerves start fraying, you must press ‘E’ if you’re playing on a keyboard to enter the cannon from the front. If you approach it from behind you’ll fire a cannonball, rather than yourself – and nobody wants that. They can be moved into your desired spot, also. So, now we need to find your flame-covered targets: here are the Fortnite flaming hoops locations through which you need to launch yourself.

Fortnite Flaming Hoops locations

There are seven Fortnite flaming hoops in total, but you only need to explore yourself through three bullseyes to wrap this quest up. They are all central-ish, but you might want to start a new game once you’ve finished one so you don’t have to bore yourself with boring things like walking. That certainly doesn’t beat launching yourself from a freakin’ cannon. Anyway, you can see each of the Fortnite flaming hoops locations on the map below.

fortnite flaming hoops cannons locations

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So there you go, that’s where to find all the Fortnite flaming hoops that you must launch yourself through using a cannon. There’s more to your week 10 tasks, too, so make sure you’re all caught up by following the Fortnite Junk Junction treasure map and bringing your new booty back to your new friends at whatever Pirate Camp you’ve been hanging out in. Oh and, before we get sued, we should stress that you should by no means try this at home, just in Fortnite, cheers.