Fortnite Fortbyte 50 location: where to search at night time inside mountain top castle ruins

You’ll need to time your hunt just right for this Fortbyte as it won’t appear when the sun’s out

location of fortnite fortbyte 50

Looking for a quick guide to finding Fortnite Fortbyte 50, which is accessible at night time inside mountain top castle ruins? Today’s computer chip hunt across the Fortnite Battle Royale takes players to the castle above Haunted Hills that first appeared back in season 6. But not only is Fortbyte 50 tricky to find once you arrive at the castle on the hill, you’ll also have to time your arrival with night time as it will only be attainable when lit up by moonlight.

Grab enough of these Forbytes in Fortnite and you’ll be able to unlock the Peely cape for your wardrobe, progress a huge amount of other skins in your collection, and even uncover the secret of what happened to Jonesy between season 8 and season 9. That’s a lot of rewards, so we’re on hand to make keeping on top of your Battle Pass as easy as possible over the coming weeks.

Below, you’ll find a map with a pin revealing the exact location of Fortnite Fortbyte 50, plus an explanation covering how you actually grab it for yourself.

Fortnite Fortbyte 50 location

We’re heading to the north-west portion of the map to grab Fortbyte 50. Check out the map below and copy where we’ve put the marker so you know precisely where to drop from the BattleBus.


In case you’re having difficulty figuring out where this is inside the mountain top castle ruins, there’s a helpful video below. You’ll want to land on the furthest west part of the castle and then chop your way down to the floor below. Now just check the corners near a wooden coffin and you should spot the Fortbyte regardless of whether it’s day or night.

YouTube Thumbnail

As for making sure it’s night time when you go in search of Fortbyte 50? There’s no way to guarantee this, but if you wait around long enough (sometimes even into the storm) then the game’s day/night cycle should automatically reveal this to you at some point. Alternatively, you can just quit out of the match and join a new one until it’s night time when you’re dropping from the Battlebus.

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And there you have it, everything you need to know about Fortnite Fortbyte 50, accessible at night time inside mountain top castle ruins. We cover these every day so be sure to check back whenever you boot up Fortnite to search for the latest hidden computer chip.