Fortnite Fortbyte 94: Where to use the Scarlet Scythe Pickaxe to smash a blue canoe

You'll have to have done your Fortbyte homework to unlock this piece of the puzzle.

Season 9 of Fortnite is winding to a close. How do we know? Well, there are only a couple more Fortbytes to unlock, that’s how! Today’s Fortnite Fortbyte challenge is #94, and to get it you’ll have to find a frozen lake, and use a special harvesting tool to bust open a certain boat. How do you get all this done? Read on to learn!

Here’s the clue for Fortbyte 94: Accessible by using the Scarlet Scythe Pickaxe to smash a blue canoe under a frozen lake. There are a few components to this challenge, and the first may be the toughest: acquiring the Scarlet Scythe. That’s not in the Battle Pass rewards; rather, it’s a reward for collecting 70 Fortbytes over the course of this season. So if you haven’t done that yet, you can check out our comprehensive Fortnite Fortbytes guide to show you how to round out your collection.

Scythe secured, make sure you’ve got it equipped and head into a match. We’re headed back to the glacier biome, but don’t worry: We don’t actually have to do any swimming to get this done.

Fortnite Fortbyte 94: Accessible by using the Scarlet Scythe Pickaxe to smash a blue canoe under a frozen lake

Plot a course to the lake north of Polar Peak, which is in the southwest quadrant of the map. As you float down from the Battle Bus, check out the buildings frozen in the icy lake. The blue canoe is located in one of these.

The building you want is almost completely submerged, with just its flat roof rising above the ice. Break through and drop in, and you’ll find yourself in a sporting goods store. The room you drop into is actually two storeys tall, with a walkway leading up from the lower level and around. The canoe you want is up on that walkway.

Pull out that Scarlet Scythe and whack away at the large canoe on the wall. You’ll see Fortbyte 94 appear once you’ve given it a good smack or two.

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And that’s all there is to it: You’ve collected Fortbyte 94 by using the Scarlet Scythe to smash a blue canoe under a frozen lake! If you’ve been keeping up to date with your Fortbytes, that means you’ve probably already earned the Singularity Skin. If not, keep working at it and checking our guides when you need a helping hand.