Fortnite is coming out on early access soon so here’s an animated short to celebrate

Fortnite zombies

The height of zombie popularity may be behind us, but Fortnite, the upcoming game from Epic Games, is more survival-focused zombie-killing action. To celebrate its release later this month, Epic Games have produced an animated short and, honestly, it’s pretty awesome.

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You can watch the short, called ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, above. It’s legitimately funny, I swear. There’s a one liner at the end that’s really, really good. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for one liners. Or both!

Fortnite is coming out as a paid early access title July 25, but if you pre-order you can get it on July 21. That’s not Steam Early Access though – Fortnite is going to be available through Epic’s own launcher instead. You can check out the four different versions available for pre-order right here.

If you can’t remember what Fortnite is, that’s because it’s taken many years to get finished. For more on that, we’ve got a whole primer on the history of this game.