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Fortnite’s battle buses are getting 25% faster

Epic have announced that the Fortnite battle bus is going to travel 25% faster

If you needed a reason to thank Fortnite’s bus driver then this is it – they’re now driving the Battle Bus 25% faster. Yep, it looks like they’re putting their foot down at last. The speed upgrade was announced on the Fortnite Twitter account this morning, saying “test driving an engine upgrade [so it] now travels 25% faster while flying.” A speedier bus means that players will get to their chosen drop destination faster.

This idea was first proposed by Reddit user Ringrar, who made an excellent point on Fortnite’s subreddit about the buses: “I feel like the reason people jump out at all the first drop locations is obviously to get some action faster.” Ringar goes on to say that players want to get to further places in the map but they don’t want to wait too long for the bus to get there.

The design lead at Epic Games, Eric Williamson, saw the post and replied saying, “seems worth testing, at least.” Less than a day later, Fortnite’s community manager announced the Battle Bus upgrade.

The hope is that, now that the Bus drives faster, players won’t all jump out at the first opportunity, clumping in one small area on the map. Instead, they’ll reach their chosen drop location quicker, making for a better spread of players throughout the Fortnite map.

It’s also good to see that Epic is putting safety and manners first, by ending its announcement tweet with, “Remember, always buckle up and thank your driver!”