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Fortnite birthday cakes: where to dance in front of different birthday cakes in Fortnite

It's time to get the party started as Battle Royale approaches its second birthday. Here's where to drop for a big ol' slice

Fortnite Birthday Cakes locations

Where are the different birthday cakes in Fortnite? The Fortnite birthday cakes will be spread across the map when the celebrations start to kick off, and you’ll need to get your dancing shoes in front of ten of them if you want to earn yourself some plush new cosmetics and Fortnite skins. And, frankly, we don’t think any birthday can be properly celebrated without dancing in front of a cake, rather than, err, actually eating some.

Knowing the Fortnite birthday cakes locations is useful for two of the four challenges in this seasonal set: on top of bustin’ some shapes, you also must gain 50 points of either health or shield from cake slices. Doing that – as well as outlasting opponents and grinding out matches – will get you various rewards, on top of a sponge-themed pickaxe as a bonus for doing them all.

Typically the normal weekly challenges go live every Thursday afternoon but, to celebrate the biggest battle royale game being a two years old – honestly, its got so big by now – we have the extra anniversary challenges and Fortnite Overtime challenges – since the Fortnite season 10 release date has been delayed a bit. Anyway, below you’ll find where to dance in front of different Fortnite Birthday Cakes.

all Fortnite birthday cakes locations

Fortnite Birthday Cake locations map

On the map above you can see all Fortnite Birthday cakes locations. Each one is marked, and all you need to do is dance in front of them using what terrible moves you see fit. Just be sure to leave us a slice.

Here are the Fortnite Birthday Cakes locations:

  • Lazy Links – south east of the resort on one of the courses
  • Wailing Woods – on a small hilltop between Wailing Woods and Risky Reels
  • Retail Row – in the central marketplace
  • Pleasant Park – bottom of the hills to the east
  • Greasy Grove – at the centre, next to Durr Burger
  • Loot Lake – south side, west of the waterfall
  • Fatal Fields – right in the centre of this area
  • Lonely Lodge – west, near the yellow caravans
  • Paradise Palms – directly north, just off the main road
  • Flush Factory – just inside the northern gate