Fortnite birthday cakes: where to dance in front of different birthday cakes in Fortnite

It's time to get the party started as Battle Royale approaches its second birthday. Here's where to drop for a big ol' slice


Where are the different birthday cakes in Fortnite? The Fortnite birthday cakes are spread across the map as the celebrations have kicked off, so you’ll need to get your dancing shoes on in front of ten of them if you want to earn yourself some plush new cosmetics and Fortnite skins. And, frankly, we don’t think any birthday can be properly celebrated without dancing in front of a cake, rather than, err, actually eating some.

Knowing the Fortnite birthday cakes locations is useful for two of the four challenges in this seasonal set: on top of bustin’ some shapes, you also must gain 50 points of either health or shield from cake slices. Doing that – as well as outlasting opponents and grinding out matches – will get you various rewards, on top of a caked-themed pickaxe as a bonus for doing them all.

Typically the normal weekly challenges go live every Thursday afternoon but, to celebrate the biggest battle royale game being a two years old – honestly, its got so big by now – we have the extra anniversary challenges and Fortnite Overtime challenges – since the Fortnite season 10 release date has been delayed a bit. Anyway, below you’ll find where to dance in front of different Fortnite Birthday Cakes.

all Fortnite birthday cakes locations

As you load into the game, it’s worthwhile getting your map out so you can get your bearings on where you need to go – there are ten cakes to dance in front of, after all. So, here are the ten Fortnite Birthday cake locations:

  • The first one can be found right in the centre of Fatal Fields
  • Go past Paradise Palms to the solar arrays that are east of them, and you’ll find another cake there
  • Head north of Paradise Palms to find another cake just to the west of the Race Track
  • Head north again to the Lonely Lodge, and you’ll find another cake to your right
  • Head east to Salty Springs, and you’ll find it right in the centre
  • Go to Shifty Shafts, and you’ll find a cake in the centre
  • Keep travelling south until you reach the Viking Ship that’s just south of Snobby Shores, and there you’ll find another cake to dance in front of
  • Next, head to Loot Lake, and you’ll find it on one of the small islands just to the north of the lake itself
  • Head to Pleasant Park, and you’ll find one near the middle of the area
  • Head over to Junk Junction, and you’ll find a spongy surprise right in the middle of the area

If cake isn’t your thing, you can also catch up on your Fortnite Fortbytes locations challenges. These will allow you to unlock more Fortnite Singularity styles for the special skin.

If there’s a better outfit to complement your new cake-themed cosmetics, we certainly don’t know about it.