Craft a superhero Epic in the Fortnite Blockbuster Challenge

Fortnite Blockbuster

If you divide your passions equally between Fortnite and filmmaking, then boy do Epic have the competition for you. The Fortnite Blockbuster challenge was announced last night, letting players put their filmmaking skills to the test for the chance to win in-game prizes and a healthy portion of V-Bucks.

Given the superhero theme of Season 4 (which is due to come to an end in a little over a week), it’s not surprising that the focus of the challenge is to create a superhero narrative. As Epic themselves put it, “every hero needs a story.”

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Using the replay system and a healthy selection of superhero skins, players will have to create a film between one and five minutes long. It’ll have to highlight the superhero nature of its characters while telling an original story (so no Thanos, I guess). You’ll also have to capture the tone of Fortnite, as well as show off how well you can use the replay system.

You won’t be allowed to use copyrighted audio, and submissions must not have narration or on-screen text, but beyond that, it seems that you have free reign over your creation. Once complete, you’ll have to upload your film to YouTube, and email it to Epic by 23:59 ET on July 11. You can read full instructions here.

One winner will receive 25,000 V-Bucks, and will also have their film played at Risky Reels, an in-game location fashioned after a drive-in theatre. They’ll also have the title of their film displayed on the marquee, and a poster for their film will appear somewhere in the game. Five finalists will receive 10,000 V-Bucks each.

The contest is similar to the Replay Royale filmmaking challenge that Epic issued back in April – you can check out the winning entry to that above. Also, you can check out our Fortnite tips – they won’t help you get to grips with the replay software, but they might make securing nail-biting footage that little bit easier.