Fortnite Blockbuster week 5: where to find the secret Battle Star in Moisty Mire

fortnite blockbuster week 5 location

Where is the Fortnite Blockbuster week 5 Battle Pass tier? This new challenge type gives players an extra easter egg hunt to embark upon every week, which can only be accessed if you have ticked off all of week 5’s Battle Pass challenges. Completing every easy and hard week 5 challenge will grant you a new loading screen that tells a story about the superhero characters of Fortnite Season 4. However, secreted away in the background of every Blockbuster challenge loading screen – often hiding in plain sight – is a clue for where you can find a free Battle Pass tier.

Fortnite’s week 5 challenges boast plenty of variation and are not quite as taxing as the previous week’s set of challenges, so it should not take you too long to unlock the Fortnite Blockbuster week 5 loading screen. The Fortnite week 5 loading screen was leaked onto Reddit before the challenges even became available, so we have had ample time to scour over the loading screen and figure out exactly where the week 5 free Battle Pass tier is.

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The loading screen shows a number of Fortnite Season 4 characters duelling in Tilted Towers, but if you look closely at the wall below the burning helicopter you can make out red spray paint in the shape of a crab with a yellow splodge just above it. Zoom in a bit closer and that yellow mark is clearly a Battle Star, which means the free tier is located on top of the wooden crab structure in the southeast of the map near Moisty Mire. Below you’ll see the leaked week 5 loading screen with the free Battle pass tier circled.

fortnite week 5 loading screen

And here’s the location of the Moisty Mire crab in case you didn’t know.

Fortnite blockbuster challenge week 5

As no other week 5 challenges require you to drop in Moisty Mire this might be easy to grab without having to fight off other player. Just watch out for Lucky Landing as a lot of players will be dropping there to complete one of their hard challenges.