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Fortnite embraces the festive spirit with ‘Take the L’ Christmas jumper

It's still only October, but these (appropriately garish) Fortnite Christmas Jumpers are already available for pre-order


It’s not even Halloween yet, but while Fortnite’s players are busy running around in the battle royale’s spooky skins, retailers are getting ready to ship some special Christmas-themed merch. An American company has four battle royale-focused Christmas jumpers on offer, and they’re available for pre-order now.

Merchoid has four jumpers on sale, which exhibit various levels of Fortnite festivity. The ‘Flossin’ Around the Xmas Tree’ jumper is a particular gem, capturing that all-important blend of nativity and a jarring set of colours and patterns. Adding to its charm are a selection of Fortnite dances, with the Floss, the Dab, and ‘Take the L’ all featuring on the front.

Elsewhere, there’s the Merry Marauder jumper, which is fashioned after Fortnite’s gingerbread man-themed skin, which first appeared in the store during last year’s festive period. If you want something a little less Christmassy, the other two jumpers feature either the Brite Gunner’s Care Bear aesthetic or a simple Fortnite llama. That last one is definitely the least hard on the eyes, but what’s the point in having a pretty Christmas jumper?

The jumpers are available through Merchoid for £39.99 (around $50), with free shipping available to the UK and across America. That said, Fortnite’s about to get a gifting system – who needs to actually open something under the tree on Christmas Day when you can just get your friends to buy you a brand-new set of Fortnite skins?