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New Fortnite skins leaked - hideous clowns are coming to the Item Shop

The new Fortnite skins include a pair of literal clowns - and they're the most terrifying cosmetics to date

Fortnite Nite Nite skins

A new Fortnite patch means new files to datamine, and the community has been busy looking for the next batch of content heading to Epic’s battle royale. This time around, they’ve discovered a set of new skins. And frankly, they’re terrifying.

There are three new skins in the latest datamines, as discovered by FNBRLeaks on Twitter. One of them is Valkyrie, and it looks like a premium, female version of the Season 5 tier 100 skin, Ragnarok. She’s a nice alternative if you’re not going to unlock the free skin this time around, but I’m not too concerned about her.

What worries me far more are the two ‘Nite Nite’ skins. There are both male and female version of the skins, which, in their basic form, are made up as old-timey clowns. There are eccentric clashes of colour, balloons, oversized white gloves, and garish harlequin makeup. To be honest with you, it’s not a good look. Sadly, however, that’s not the worst that Epic has to offer in its latest batch of skins.

You see, both versions of the skin come with their basic, “Creepy” style, but that’s just the start. Both skins can have an unlockable second stage, dubbed “Creepier.” In that second stage of the skin, a lot of the clothing remains the same, but your character dons a mascot-style helmet. You can get a closer look below.

As you can see, those helmets are the stuff of small children’s nightmares. They look like something out of a House of Horrors at a cheap amusement park. There’s a gaping, toothy smile, twisted eyes and outlandish makeup, crazy hair, the whole shebang. To round it all off, there’s that pointed cap, which makes me uncomfortable for a reason I can’t quite put my finger on.

Of course, these won’t be the first creepy mascot skins to come to Fortnite. Cuddle Team Leader and its variants are all unsettling, and while the Durr Burger and Tomatohead skins are slightly more endearing, I don’t like their painted-on smiles. All that said, the Nite Nite skins are by far the most terrifying skins I’ve seen yet – I just hope I don’t run into one in Haunted Hills.

Fortnite Season 6 is due to begin later this week. Check the Fortnite patch notes for the latest update, or our Fortnite week 10 challenges guide if you need a hand hoovering up the last few battle stars before season 5 comes to an end.