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Fortnite’s crossbow has been removed in season 4


The latest patch for Fortnite brings Season 4 crashing into the game, but other than poor Dusty Depot there has been only one big casualty – the crossbow has been removed from the game, at least for the time being.

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Officially the crossbow has been ‘vaulted’, which means it has been made unavailable for the sake of balance, but a return at some point in the future has not been ruled out. It was added as part of a Valentine’s Day update and was notable for having unlimited ammo, with rare and epic versions available.

The crossbow isn’t the first weapon to be vaulted in Fortnite. In February, just before the crossbow itself was added, the SMG was removed from the game. Guided missiles – which were obscenely overpowered – were also taken out in April.We really didn’t like them. Neither has returned as yet, which doesn’t bode well for the crossbow.

While the loss of the crossbow is disappointing given its popularity with the community, the rest of Season 4 has been very exciting so far. If you’re not playing it already, here’s everything you need to know about it.