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Fortnite Capture the Flag is coming, according to leaks

CTF is in the works as a new Fortnite LTM

More datamines have dug up more upcoming features for Fortnite, this time a new Capture the Flag LTM. We don’t have a timetable for the mode’s release – or even an official confirmation that it will see the light of day – but Epic is at least experimenting with the game type.

Categorized under 50v50 modes alongside the current Soaring 50s LTM, there’s a new item called “Seize.” Within that, there’s a “Seize Pack” that’s referred to elsewhere in the new files as a “flag.” It might be a Fortnite-spun variation, but it sounds very much like Capture the Flag – an objective-based deviation from the game’s usual last team standing modes, similar to Getaway.

Info comes courtesy of FNLeak on Twitter, who notes that the files currently appear to be incomplete, meaning there’s likely to be a bit of a wait before this CTF variant hits the game proper.

Making an objective-based mode work in the chaos of Fortnite’s 100-player madness will be challenging. Maybe we’ll see something with multiple flags to go after in different parts of the map so that skirmishes are happening throughout.

The new season is underway, and if you’re still looking to find those Streetlight Spotlights locations or the Hunting Party week 1 location we’ve got you covered. There’s plenty to do while waiting for the next big mode, so get those challenges in where you can.