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Kevin the Fortnite cube has started to pulsate

The Fortnite cube has started to pulsate a purple glow

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Seems fame has taken its toll on Kevin because now Fortnite’s colossal purple cube is pulsating. It could be a relaxing sight, but it’s not a soft and comforting glow more of a rapid rhythmic speed and the swirling vortex underneath it just adds to its foreboding nature.

No one knows what the glowing means, or anything in general about the mysterious cube. It appeared in Fortnite back in season 5 and has been slowly making its way around the map. Kevin, named by the community, has a bit of a history for causing a ruckus. So far, the gravity-warping entity has been busy creating runes, changing lakes into bouncy rubber and recently unearthed an island from Loot Lake and lifted it into the air.

The cube’s glow seems to be growing and has started moving inside the house on the island that Kevin resides under. The the purple glow has enveloped all the inside, giving all the furniture and the walls a omniscient purple glow. It has also spread into the underground area of the island, covering everything in a purple haze.

Fortnite players on Reddit think that the pulsating rhythms of the cube to look like it’s charging up for something, a sign of a great calamity. We are in the fourth week of Fornite’s sixth season so there’s plenty of time for Kevin to surprise us some more, we’ll keep you updated with all of its shenanigans.