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Fortnite now has way fewer zombies to annoy you

Fortnite's Cube Monsters will be a bit less overwhelming now

Fortnite added a host of AI enemies to battle royale this week, and those zombies – sorry, ‘Cube Monsters’ – have been playing a significant role in the outcome of pre-Halloween matches. Perhaps too significant. Epic has heard those complaints, and the studio has cut back on the number of undead monsters you’ll see in the mid and late game.

The same number of spawners will still be there in the first phase of the game, but further dynamic spawner spawns will be dramatically reduced throughout the mid-game and final circles. That means that you’ll have fewer zombies to keep you from achieving Victory Royale when you’re down to the top ten. (Unfortunately, it means you’ll also have fewer excuses when things don’t go your way.)

On Reddit, Epic has broken down specific numbers of spawners at each phase. Phase one still has 85 spawners, while phase two drops from 40 to 25 and phase three drops from 30 to 15. Phase four lowers from ten to seven, and both phases five and six drop from ten to five. Finally, phases seven, eight, and nine – the last few before the circle shrinks to oblivion – all drop from five spawners to three.

So the monsters are still a factor, but they’re less overwhelming a threat than what we’ve seen so far. That also means you’ll still be able to see those sick zombie dance moves.

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