The Fortnite cube is moving again

Fortnite's cube is back on the move, and a datamine suggests it could be on its way to Loot Lake

Update, August 30: The Fortnite Cube is on the move again, but now it’ll be more difficult to track.

After taking something of a rest over the weekend, the huge purple cube that suddenly appeared in Fortnite is on the move again. The cube initially stopped just outside Fatal Fields, but has since rolled away over the hill to the West.

In doing so, it showed off two things. For one thing, it can climb – the Cube settled in on the side of the hill, apparently defying gravity, several times before reaching the top, before proceeding to roll down the other side. It’s not too surprising, of course, as we already know the cube produces its own gravity field, but it was amusing to behold, at the very least.

The other thing we learned was that the cube is now imprinting ‘runes’ on the ground after it settles down. If you head to Fatal Fields, you’ll now see a glowing purple symbol where the cube used to be, which could offer a hint as to what’s due to happen in Fortnite season 6.

The bad news is that the cube is now reportedly moving on a different schedule to before, and players are yet to figure it out, so we can’t tell you exactly when you can expect it to turn over. Thanks to a datamine, however, what we do know is that there are due to be six more runes imprinted across the map. In the tweet below, you can see that there are due to be a total of seven runes, each punctuated by a period of movement. After that seventh Rune, there’s a line of code that reads “MoveToLake.”

That, of course, likely refers to Loot Lake, which is the biggest and most notable body of water on the island. What’ll happen when it gets there is anyone’s guess, but a theory I’m on board with is that the lake will empty, revealing a Dusty Divot-style new location.

We’ll eventually find out where the cube is going, and why it wants to get there. In the meantime, check out our Fortnite week 7 challenges guide – with three weeks until the end of season 5, you’ll have plenty of time to kill.