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Dominate the dance floor in Fortnite Disco Domination

Fortnite Disco domination combines king of the hill with the magic of dance

Disco Domination is the latest Fortnite LTM, and it’s going to offer a funky new spin on the traditional king of the hill mode. Yes, you’ll capture zones around the map, but you won’t get points just for standing there. These zones are dance floors, and you’ve got to hit your emote wheel and dance to gain points for victory.

The new LTM is currently being teased with a “coming soon” banner on the in-game news feed. The official description reads “capture and defend Dance Floors around the island using emotes to earn points.”

No word on exactly when the Disco Domination LTM will be implemented, but Epic rarely leaves us hanging long after announcing a new mode. It’s likely to go live along with the next regular update, likely either Tuesday or Thursday at 1:00 PDT / 4:00 EDT / 9:00 BST.

Datminers recently dug up hints of Fortnite CTF, and Epic is clearly experimenting with more objective-based game modes following LTMs like Getaway. A dance-based mode is a perfect fit for some of the new additions in season 6, like the DJ skin and the new music packs.

We’re also gearing up for October with Fortnite Halloween celebrations, so the massive battle royale is as lively as ever. Be sure to keep up with the Streetlight Spotlights locations and Hunting Party week 1 location – gotta make sure you’re properly decked out with all the battle pass items you can muster when it comes time to hit the dance floor.