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Fortnite’s Driftboard is officially heading to the game

We were promised Jetpacks, but the long-awaited Driftboard is finally heading to the battle royale


Update, February 19 Epic has confirmed that the Driftboard is finally coming to Fortnite.

Fortnite’s Driftboard is finally on its way to the battle royale. Several months after the futuristic new vehicle was originally announced (and after its existence was uncovered by dataminers), Epic has confirmed that the Driftboard will be heading to the game for a limited time.

In appearance, the Driftboard looks pretty similar to the Snowboards introduced as part of Season 7, but crucially, they hover very slightly off the ground. Epic uploaded a video of the new vehicle earlier today, which you can check out further down this article.

Much like the Quadcrasher, the Driftboard comes with a speed boost, which you can direct up a hill or ramp in order to get some sweet, sweet air. More importantly, however, the video shows players firing from the Driftboard, making it the only vehicle that allows its driver to engage in combat – larger vehicles like the ATK require somebody to be riding shotgun if you want to be any kind of threat.

There’s no release date for the vehicle at this point, but it’s likely to show up some time this week. Sadly, however, it’ll just be for a brief window – Epic refers to the item as the “new limited time Driftboard” in the tweet below.

 Dataminer JH9 seems to have uncovered a Limited Time Mode called Driftin’, which will likely coincide with its introduction. The description of that LTM reads “land near a Red Supply Drop, grab a Driftboard and some weapons, meet up with your team and race to eliminate the enemies.”

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That limited-time approach is not unlike the Jetpack, which was promised well ahead of its eventual arrival, and was eventually consigned to its very own LTM. I’d suggest that the Driftboard has a better chance of making it into the full game, but we’ll likely have to wait a week or two to find out.