Alexa will show you where to drop in Fortnite

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It’s always a tough call, deciding where to drop in Fortnite. Hopefully many arguments can now be avoided with a handy app for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa called Fortnite Dropper, where you can let a soulless AI decide where to drop for you instead.

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The Android version of Fortnite Dropper is available here, which also can be installed on iOS with the Google Assistant app. The Amazon Alexa version can be picked up here – although it’s by no means the only one, as there are several competing apps including the similarly titled Dropper For Fortnite.

The Google Assistant version is probably the best as users can add their own custom voice shortcut, so every command doesn’t have to begin “ask Fortnite Dropper”. The Alexa app isn’t quite as flexible, as every command must be prefaced with the clumsy “Alexa, ask Fortnite Dropper”, but at least you can ask it to provide exact coordinates rather than just one of the few named Fortnite locations – and you can even get Alexa to provide a more challenging drop if you’re up for it.

Hopefully none of these apps will suggest landing at Dusty Depot though, as now that Fortnite Season 4 has begun it no longer exists.

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