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Fortnite’s revamped audio cues will tell you if footsteps are above or below you

Fortnite footsteps are getting a lot more obvious in season 6

Fortnite patch notes 6.0

You’ll finally be able to tell whether those footsteps are coming from above or below you after Fortnite’s next big patch. Season 6 will bring a big rework for spatial audio cues, so you’ll have a better idea of what’s going on around you without actually seeing your opponents.

When the new season launches, there’ll be a bigger contrast between steps coming from above or below you. Epic says differentiating those sounds should be “easier to determine on the fly,” especially when the sounds of gunfire and harvesting are going on around you. There’s also going to be “more high frequency audio content” to help you identify footsteps and where they’re coming from.

Glider sounds are also going to be more obvious according to the update, as a doppler effect will alert you when gliders are passing by. That comes along side “improved spatialization” on both skydivers and gliders, and you’ll be able to hear gliders opening and closing from a greater distance.

That’s all coming alongside the Fortnite season 6 release date, but there’s more to follow as the season progresses. There will be more tells for other forms of aerial movement, whether that be Bouncers, Shockwave Grenades, or merely falling. There are also fixes intended to make sure audio cues are always audible and played properly regardless of what else is happening in the mix.

Epic has more in the pipe, too, but those ideas haven’t yet taken concrete form. We may eventually see proper Sound Propagation for more realistic audio travel through the world, or filtering to imitate the way sounds pass through your body.