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Fortnitemares begins tomorrow and will let you re-deploy your glider in every mode

Fortnite gets its Fortnitemares event soon, and the update brings a big change for gliders, too

Fortnite’s Halloween event is creeping back up, and now we know exactly when this year’s edition of Fortnitemares will begin. Epic’s been cagey about providing too many details, but thanks to some early teases we’ve got a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Epic’s officially confirmed that Fortnitemares will start tomorrow, with downtime for the 6.20 patch to begin at 1:00 PDT / 4:00 EDT / 9:00 BST. Once that downtime ends, the Halloween event will begin. We don’t have confirmation of how long Fortnitemares will last, but a leaked image of a PlayStation promotion suggests it’ll run all the way until November 26.

That image also says that “spooky rewards” are on the way for completing “Fortnitemares Challenges.” New cosmetics are no surprise, but challenges to get them are – those goals typically only award stars to level up your Battle Pass. This might mean a format for holiday events going forward that will offer up specific rewards for participating – time will tell.

A series of teases suggest what to expect from those rewards, and the biggest item seems to be a ghoulish cowboy dressed very much like this season’s Calamity skin.

The 6.20 patch also brings a major gameplay change, as you’ll now be able redeploy gliders after landing, just like in the Soaring 50s LTM. Any time you’re over three stories high in mid-air, you can bring your glider out and gracefully drift to the ground. Epic calls this a “test,” and the change is only confirmed to last for the next week. Its effect on the game will determine whether it remains in the future.

Check out our guide to Fortnite Shooting Galleries locations for details on how to complete the current set of challenges – looks like you’ll have a lot more to do once the new update hits tomorrow.