Fortnite meets Game of Thrones in this fan-made version of Castle Black

While you wait for Game of Thrones season 8, check out this recreation of Castle Black in Fortnite's Creative Mode

Fortnite Season 7

With Game of Thrones on its way back for its final season later this year, it seems about right that hype would be starting to build. It’s been more than a year since our last journey to Westeros, and in that time a certain battle royale has risen to global prominence. So perhaps it’s not surprising that a Fortnite and Game of Thrones crossover has already shown up.

The crossover comes from Fortnite player Assasin-of-Eire, who has built Game of Thrones’ Castle Black in the battle royale’s creative mode. Setting their creation next to the ‘wall’ on the arctic island, the player has put together a surprisingly accurate version of Jon Snow’s home-away-from-home..

You can take a look at the castle in the video (dubbed over by Jon Snow himself) further down this article. As well as building the castle’s exterior, Assasin-of-Eire says that “the interiors are also fully decorated,” and that they’ve been researching buildings throughout the castle by re-watching episodes of the show. The Great Hall, Lord Commander’s Quarters, and the top of the wall have all been recreated, although “there were a few limitations due to the limited set of building pieces available.”

If you really want to get up close and personal with the recreation, you can head to Fortnite’s Creative mode and play around for yourself. Helpfully, Assasin-of-Eire provided the relevant code – plug in 4484-1802-8529 and you can join the Watch for yourself. You can also take a look at all those interiors in this photo gallery.

[No Spoilers] I fully recreated Castle Black & the Wall in Fortnite’s new creative mode….. I tried to be as authentic as possible. And so my watch begins… (Watch with sound on) from r/gameofthrones

There have been (absolutely unconfirmed) whispers surrounding an official Fortnite/Game of Thrones crossover since the beginning of Season 7. The recently-added winter content mirrors the show’s famous “winter is coming mantra,” and there are plenty of parallels that can be drawn between the show and the game. Fortnite’s Polar Peak throne room is reminiscent of the Iron Throne, while the Ice King and the Night King could be distant cousins. Replicating GoT’s white walkers could be tricky, but Fortnite is no stranger to zombies – the Cube Monsters that appeared in Season 6 could act as an effective stand-in.

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It’s still quite unlikely that we see an official crossover – this Castle Black map could be our best bet – but it’s not entirely out of the question. Avengers: Infinity War saw bad guy Thanos arrive in Fortnite, and Game of Thrones is a pretty equally big deal (in my mind at least). We’ll have to wait until the new show’s new season arrives in April to know for sure, but hey, stranger things have happened.