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Fortnite glider re-deploy is going away

Say goodbye to glider re-deploy - at least in normal Fortnite modes

Fortnite’s glider re-deploy option is soon going to be gone. Epic says that patch 6.30 will see the feature disabled across every standard mode, though it’ll still be in play for modes like Soaring 50s and Disco Domination. The feature has been a divisive since it was implemented alongside Fortnitemares, and the community remains split on whether or not its removal is a bad thing.

“Two weeks ago we began our glider re-deploy test in default modes,” Epic says. “We did not live up to expectations of quickly iterating on the mechanic and communicating plans.” The option will remain in “the larger team modes,” as well as “Playground to allow ongoing experimentation with this feature.”

In the wake of that blog post, the community is as divided as ever on whether or not this is the right choice – just look at the subreddit if you want examples of the arguments. With other recent additions in mind, removing the re-deploy certainly changes how you’ll use balloons – floating up will suddenly be a lot more risky.

This change goes live with patch 6.30, which should also bring us mounted turrets. Check out our guides to Corrupted Areas locations, Sheet Music locations, and Radar Signs – the latest season is winding towards its final weeks, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve completed as many of those challenges as you can before time is up on the Battle Pass.