There are now green screens in Fortnite, and they’re already being put to good use

fortnite green screens

It’s been a big day for Fortnite, in case you hadn’t been clued in by any of the dozen stories we’ve published on the season 4 update today. (Literally, a dozen.) Among many new map locations, including those superhero lairs, are new film sets complete with green screens. Even if they’re only intended as a bit of window dressing, those filming locations are already being put to good use.

Here’s what you need to know about the Fortnite season 4 Battle Pass.

The green screens are spread all over the map, from Risky Reels to Moisty Mire, and with a little creative manipulation of the game’s lighting model they’ve provided a terrific showcase for the greatest in machinima nonsense. Check a quick example of the possibilities on Reddit.

If you want the real magic, though, do a “Fortnite green screen” search on YouTube, and look for the videos with the fewest views. It’s a delightful journey, I promise.

Incidentally, Fantasytempoi on Reddit suggested a month ago that Epic transform the Dusty Depot warehouse into a movie set, complete with green screens. I’m not saying Epic blew up the Depot and built a bunch of movie sets based on that suggestion, but I am thankful the suggestion happened.

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