Fortnite’s guided missiles are back, but a glitch is turning them invisible


Fortnite’s guided missiles have been controversial, to say the least, since they were initially added to the game. Now a glitch making the rounds on Reddit has players even more concerned about the weapon’s place in the game, since sometimes enemy rockets are turning completely invisible.

A quick clip rising up the Fortnite battle royale subreddit shows a player suffering some explosive damage seemingly from out of nowhere. Then, the same bit of gameplay is shown from the in-game replay – here, a guided missile is clearly visible from the same angle careening into the affected player.

You can check out the clip for yourself on Reddit. The glitch hasn’t been widely reported, though a few commenters anecdotally mention similar incidents. That could mean the bug is only rarely happening, or it might even be fixed already – Epic quietly fixed a Slurp Juice bug shortly after the update’s release this morning, though the developer has yet to explicitly address the guided missile bug. With or without the glitch, the return of guided missiles has already been an unpopular one even in the handful of hours since the content update went live.

Guided missiles have been nerfed and rebalanced to be more of scouting tool than a damage tool, but many players seem to feel the changes haven’t gone far enough. Of course, we’re still at the point in the patch cycle where everything’s considered OP, and Epic hasn’t been shy about removing things from the game when they’re not working as intended.

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The latest Fortnite patch brought us the Fly Explosives LTM, though this guided missile glitch isn’t the only problem with the latest set of updates – the ghost peeking fix has had some unintended consequences, for example. Check out the Fortnite 5.1 patch notes for details on what’s been added – we’ll keep you informed of anything freshly introduced or taken away.

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