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Fortnite Halloween skin leak reveals scarecrows and T-poses

Things are getting a little spooky, as Fortnite Halloween celebrations have begun

October 3, 2018 Fortnite’s Halloween plans expand with new skins.

Fortnite’s spooky celebrations are just getting started, and true to the season we’re getting a variety of Halloween skins to dress up with. As usual, datamines have revealed what to expect ahead of release, so scroll on down for details on what’s coming.

The principle additions are two scarecrow skins called Hay Man and Straw Ops. They’re accompanied by Hay Nest and Birdhovel back blings, and an appropriately creepy skeletal glider called Field Wraith. Grim tidings continue with the dark unicorn axe, Thunder Crash, and it seems even Kevin is making his evil power known with the Dark Glyph glider.

That info – and an image of everything – comes courtesy of the Fortnite Leaks subreddit, and FNBRLeaks on Twitter has provided video of a new T-Pose emote, which will go very nicely with the scarecrow skins.

Fortnite’s Halloween celebrations have already officially begun with new decorations around the map. Tilted Towers has seen some changes, with ghosts being suspended from a number of streetlights throughout the game’s deadliest drop-spot. Further north, however, in Pleasant Park, things are looking very spooky indeed. In the wooden house in the south-east, there are a few more ghosts, but in the small house on the other side of town, Epic has gone all-out. That house is almost entirely covered with cobwebs, and if that weren’t enough to set your arachnophobia tingling, there’s a giant spider lurking in the front garden.

Knowing Epic, the game’s Halloween content is likely to roll out gradually over the next few weeks – there’s a lot of hype on the main subreddit, hoping for everything from more decorations all the way up to fog rolling across the map. Many players are also still hoping that last year’s Halloween skin, Skull Trooper, will make a return to the game.

You can check out some screenshots of the new decorations in the tweet above. My guess would be that some of the other residential spots across the map will be getting spooky soon, so keep an eye on Salty Springs and Retail Row over the course of the next month.