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Fortnite skin leaks reveal Oktoberfest and Amelia Earhart looks

Heidi, Ludwig, and Airheart will join Fortnite soon according to the latest datamines

Fortnite patch notes 6.03

Fortnite season 6 is here, with all the cosmetic rewards you tend to expect from a major update. The items we can earn (or buy) today aren’t enough, of course – dataminers have uncovered the next round of skins, gliders, and back blings too. They’re mostly centered on two themes – Oktoberfest and the early history of flight.

The not-so-subtly named rare Airheart skin gives you a female pilot look, complete with comically oversized goggles. Whether you’re a flight history nerd or just like steampunk, you’ll also appreciate the Dirigible glider, Airflow back bling, and Turbine pickaxe.

Oktoberfest skins come in gendered variations, with epics Heidi and Ludwig both looking like they’re about to offer you some really good beer. The Oktoberfest glider will let you sail around while holding an entire feast, and you’ll also have an Axcordion pickaxe, Clockworks back bling, and Pretzel Protector back bling to complete your themed look.

There are also three different emotes among these leaks, all of which are pretty self-explanatory. Drop the Bass will go terrifically with the new llama DJ skin, Smooth Moves is yet another dance variant, and Something Stinks is exactly the sort of prank you’d expect it to be.

You can see the items close up via FNBR.news, and see the emotes in action at FunGamesLeaks on Twitter.

If you’re more interested in what you can get right now, check out our guide to Fortnite Hunting Party and Calamity Challenges, or where to find all the Streetlight Spotlights locations. There’s plenty to get hold of in the current Battle Pass before any additional items come up in the rotation.