French player does Fortnite’s ‘Take the L’ dance after World Cup goal


Fortnite is indisputably huge, and now it’s even invaded the world’s biggest sports competition. France’s Antoine Griezmann celebrated a goal during today’s final match versus Croatia by running to the sidelines and performing the ‘Take the L’ emote.

Griezmann, a 27-year-old forward for both the French national team and Atlético Madrid, broke a 1-1 tie during France’s World Cup final match against Croatia at just before 38 minutes with a penalty kick.

The successful kick gave France the lead at 2-1, and Griezmann immediately ran toward the side of the field, cheered on by his teammates. Once he reached the edge of the field, he cheekily broke out a pretty dead-on version of Fortnite’s goofy ‘Take the L’ emote in front of thousands of Croatian fans.

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Viewers were quick to notice the obvious reference to Fortnite, which has become a favorite game and cultural touchstone among professional athletes. 

“This dude Griezmann hit the fortnite dance in a World Cup final smh,” one soccer fan tweeted

“Griezmann does the L Dance from Fortnite after scoring in the World Cup. Can you imagine being an executive at publisher Epic Games?” tweeted ESPN business reporter Darren Rovell.

Here are a few views of Griezmann’s ‘epic’ celebratory emote.

France went on to defeat Croatia for the 2018 World Cup title. It’s France’s second World Cup win, after their first in 1998.