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Fortnite characters can now speak (sort of)

Borrowing from GTAV and H1Z1, Fortnite characters now have mouth animations than activate when using voice chat

Fortnite patch notes 6.0

Fortnite’s characters now have a set of new animations that only activate while players are talking via the in-game comms system. In the game’s latest patch, characters now appear to actually talk to one another when their players speak.

In a video posted earlier today, streamer CoolDCB noticed that one of his squad mates’ characters was moving its mouth when the player spoke. After a quick outfit change (the streamer was using the new Spooky Team Leader skin, which comes with an enormous helmet), CoolDCB found that his character also spoke when he used voice chat.

Based on that video (posted in the tweet below from FNBRLeaks), it would seem that it’s only the character model that’s changed, so if there’s anything in the way, you won’t be able to see the new animations. Sadly, that means that skins like Cuddle Team Leader and Tomatohead won’t really work with the new system. To activate the game’s in-built voice chat, you’ll need to press ‘Y’ on PC, and then use your microphone as normal.

This isn’t the first time this kind of system has been seen. GTA Online uses it, and games like H1Z1 have also implemented it. It is, however, the first time that it’s been seen in Fortnite.

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