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Fortnite is getting official NFL outfits you can buy with V-Bucks

The new outfits will let you kit out your Fortnite character with a jersey, helment, and a full set of pads


Epic Games has announced that it has teamed up with the NFL to bring American football themed outfits to the online shooter. Included are jerseys, helmets and pads. You’ll be able to purchase these new outfits from using V-Bucks from the Fortnite Item Shop starting this Friday, November 9, at 19:00 EST / 22:00 GMT.

To keep it fair and to ensure that no NFL team or player is given any favour, the NFL outfits can be swapped to the colours of any of the 32 NFL teams, and you can choose any number from 0 to 99 for your jersey. There will also be a Fortnite shirt for those of you who don’t want to show your support for any particular NFL team.

This collaboration makes some sense given that NFL players have been celebrating touchdowns with dances that feature in Fortnite – just as soccer players have been doing. Where else do you turn but the world of sport after blowing up Kevin the cube and the whole of reality along with it? It makes sense. It does.

If you want the full announcement then head on over to the Epic Games website. Otherwise, check out a load of digital NFL players having a good ole dance in the announcement video above. It’s beautiful in a weird kinda way.