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Ninja says “I am sorry” after trying to get a Fortnite player banned

Ninja accused a Fortnite player who killed him in a match of stream sniping even though the evidence is very thin

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Ninja has apologised to a fellow Fortnite player after accusing him of stream sniping and filing a report against him for it.

The incident started on November 11 when Ninja was streaming Fortnite and was killed by a player called IcyFive during the match. After Ninja was taken down, his teammate DrLupo said “watch for the emote” and, sure enough, shortly after these words were said IcyFive did a dance emote. Ninja immediately reported IcyFive for stream sniping.

Ninja took the dance emote to be enough evidence of IcyFive stream sniping him. “What an idiot. How stupid can you be?” Ninja said about IcyFive after filing the report. His assumption was that IcyFive did the dance emote as he heard DrLupo talk about it on the stream.

However, as any Fortnite player will know, dancing after killing someone in Fortnite is common, and isn’t evidence of stream sniping by itself. Typically, that would mean the report would be ignored, but as Ninja is one of the most popular Fortnite streamers, concerns were raised in Reddit threads that his position in the community would mean IcyFive would be banned – just because he was reported by Ninja.

Soon after, IcyFive went to Twitter to respond to the stream sniping accusation against him, even offering video evidence that would prove he wasn’t watching Ninja’s stream during the match.

DrLupo was quick to apologise to IcyFive and said he didn’t support Ninja’s actions on stream – both the report and his conversations afterwards to people who disagreed with him.  Ninja also gave an apology to IcyFive later on in the same Twitter thread.

It seems IcyFive hasn’t been banned yet but he has made a video explaining his side of the story that you can watch above. He also called the whole ordeal “stupid” on Twitter saying that he’ll be “mad asf if I get banned for doing something I didnt do.”