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Fortnite patch notes 6.1: Quadcrasher rams its way onto Battle Royale

Here are the full Fortnite patch notes 6.1 to help you stay in the know with all the latest changes to Epic’s battle royale game

fortnite patch notes 6.1 - quadcrasher

When is Fortnite patch notes 6.1 coming out? The sixth season of Epic Games’ world-consuming battle royale game has started with a bang, but, as ever, there’s a new Fortnite update on the way that’s set to change things all over again. The game’s modes, weapons, and items might be changing all the time but, this time, we’re expecting Fortnite patch notes 6.1 to introduce stuff that’s just as exciting as what’s come before.

The Fortnite patch notes 6.1 are live now, so we know everything that’s included. The Quadcrasher is boosting onto Battle Royale and, although the gifting system didn’t arrive in this Fortnite update, we now have Fortnite in-game tournaments based on skill-based matchmaking.

Besides getting very excited about the Fortnite patch notes 6.1, you’ve got plenty of other king of the hill work to be getting on with. For instance, when it comes to the latest Fortnite challenges, you can complete the Fortnite Timed Trials scattered across the map. You only need to finish three, but they are rather tough to begin with. But, without further ado, here are the full Fortnite patch notes 6.1.

Fortnite patch notes 6.1 release time

The next Fortnite update is live now, so just whack on the short download to start ramming through enemy bases with the Quadcrasher. Here are the full patch notes below.

Fortnite patch notes 6.1 – Quadcrasher

Propel yourself and a friend into battle with this new two-seater vehicle.

Quadcrasher – added

Two players
Build boost by driving, unleash with selected hotkey
Smash through buildings when boosting, boost of ramps
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Fortnite patch notes 6.1 – events

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  • Tournaments can be found inside of the new ‘Events’ tab available in game. This tab will host a variety of online competitions which are open to everyone. Jump in and explore!
  • Each tournament has a series of scheduled dates and times that the competition will be run. A carousel of all upcoming competitions and times will be available for browsing, so you can plan and practice.
  • Every scheduled session is a completely clean slate with all players starting on an equal footing at the beginning of play.
  • Compete over the course of several hours to earn points by eliminating multiple opponents or surviving against the competition.
  • Players are matched against opponents with similar scores during the session.
  • Score enough points during any scheduled event session and you’ll earn a golden pin for that tournament!

Fortnite patch notes 6.1 – Disco Domination changes

  • Reduced all bandage spawns by 50%.
  • Removed all Common weapons.
  • increased the variability of where you can spawn by 30% along your sides storm circle.
  • Brought in the side dance floors closer to the Storm edge.
  • Reduced max respawn distance by 20%.

Fortnite patch notes 6.1 – gameplay

  • You can now view and change Edit Controls separately from Combat and Build Controls in the controller menu.
  • You can now set building mode sensitivity for controllers in the options menu. It is a multiplier on the default controller sensitivity and allows up to a 2x increase.
  • Controller sensitivity slider in the options menu now allows for more than 10 values.
  • Added an option to Builder Pro that allows for building as soon as you switch to the piece, instead of selecting first and then placing. This allows for faster building without a preview.
  • Added an option that allows for edit hold timing to be adjusted.
  • Opening the Emote Picker with a controller will happen when the button is released, while holding the button will replay the emote that was last played.

Fortnite patch notes 6.1 – performance and audio

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  • Weapon replication optimization for dedicated server to reduce load during rapid weapon switching.
  • This results in a smoother gameplay experience and fewer hitches.
    Improve multi-threading during heavy physics simulation.
  • Celebrate with style. The music selected in your Locker will now play after getting a Victory Royale!
  • Remove the Doppler effect from the audio when players are gliding.
  • Added an in-air loop to Grenade Launcher projectiles so you can spatialize where they’re coming from.
  • Improved Grenade Launcher bouncing audio.
  • Reduced volume of medium-range Grenade explosion sound.
  • Physics optimizations for cosmetic items.

Fortnite patch notes 6.1 – bug fixes

  • Guided Missile no longer fires the wrong direction
  • Players will no longer permanently attach to a Supply Drop when grappling to it.
  • Attempting to fire while reloading the Double Barrel Shotgun will no longer interrupt the animation.
  • Weapon equip animations no longer skip when simultaneously attempting to sprint and target.
  • Fixed inconsistencies with the damage trap not triggering properly.
  • Allow slight movement when using a consumable with Sprint by Default enabled. This will help match how it works without Sprint by Default enabled
  • Fixed problem with character orientation getting stuck after falling off the island in a vehicle.
  • Cube ambient sounds no longer randomly play in the middle of matches.
  • Sequential explosion sounds no longer interrupt each other.
  • Added missing audio to the Compact SMG and SMG medium/distant fire sounds.
  • Audio ‘pops’ no longer occur when emote music loops.
  • Re-added the audio cue that plays before a new wave of Supply Drops start appearing.
  • Fixed some touch issues for the controller mapping screen on Switch.
  • Fixed a bug where the player’s banner in the top bar would not update when changing the banner in the locker.
  • Made the reticle hidden when skydiving.
  • Fixed issues with the display of the on-screen map and inventory inputs.
  • Resource buttons no longer cancel auto-run.
  • Cosmetic items that change in some way over the course of a match are now marked as “Reactive” in-game (e.g., a harvesting tool that changes as you get eliminations).
  • Fixed visual display issues with cosmetic music items.
  • Animation pops no longer occur while in the air after using the Chiller trap.
  • Fixed an issue causing the first replay not be selected in the replay browser.
  • Fixed the nameplate distance slider not working.
  • Fixed an issue where firing guided missiles would start with the camera facing the wrong way in replays.